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Netilion EcoWatch


Sustainability monitoring dashboard for water treatment plants empowered by "memories"



Netilion EcoWatch is a SaaS solution tailored for Water Treatment Plants and delivered to Endress+Hauser. It provides full visibility into sustainability practices and facilitates seamless communication between all channels from plant managers to sustainability executives. Our comprehensive solution and business model enabled Endress+Hauser to expand the capabilities of Netilion Water Network Insights(NWNI) and create a revolutionary sustainability monitoring system.




10 Weeks


Product Designer

Key Contributions
  • Research

  • Analysis

  • Ideation

  • Sketching

  • Prototyping

  • Evaluation

  • Business Model

Client Expectations

Market Segments
New market verticals for NWNI

Explore market vertical opportunities for existing Netilion Water Network Insights (NWNI)

A monitoring dashboard
Sustainability Dashboard

Leverage NWNI capabilities to design a sustainability monitoring dashboard for water treatment plants

Business Model for NWNI Expansion

Complete business model to explore the potential of NWNI branching out to a sustainability monitoring system


To achieve maximum sustainability practices, the biggest challenge in the existing workflow was

  • Scattered data

  • Tedious analysis process

  • Reviewing historical data to compare past and present activities

  • Developing effective insight-based future strategies

To address these challenges, we formulated our problem statement as follows:

How might we utilize data from E+H IoT sensors to streamline data analysis for water companies to make data-informed decisions that drive impactful sustainability strategies?


Netilion EcoWatch provides a collaborative dashboard that elevates sustainability with transparency, data-driven insights, and seamless communication.


Track sustainability goals

Complete transparency into consumption, production, and decision-making processes

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Seamless Collaboration

Minimize the dependence on emails with in-system annotations, discussions, & task assignments



Memory Palace

Centralize collaboration efforts, eliminating scattered tasks and discussions

Memory Palace - Darl.png

Ann Mclver

Director, Environmental Stewardship - Citizens Energy Group

"I really like the way you have called this section memory palace, I can completely relate to this


Knowledge Repository

Build a comprehensive knowledge repository for future references & learning

Memory Palace Pop-up.png


Report Generation

Automate report creation by using templates with variable placeholders for data sources

Report Dark.png


IoT Sensors & Excel Compatibility

Efficient data collection, real-time device monitoring, and integration with external sources

Data Connections.png

John Duffy

Utilities Director - City of Carmel Utilities

"We definitely need something like this, especially to motivate people to be more mindful about water consumption

Design Process

Design Process 1960x800.png

Research/ Empathise

Environmental Analysis

Guided by our mentor Lou Lenzi, I utilized Strategyzer's environmental analysis template to gain deep insights into the water treatment market segment. It helped me ask the right questions to understand the market landscape, trends, and competition.

Key Insights
Consumers prefer sustainability

With increasing concern about climate change, consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods and services

E+H's Edge in a Slow-Moving Industry

Infrequent sensor replacement and high switching costs make it slow-moving, with no direct competitors. E&H has the opportunity to expand beyond hardware to SaaS and cloud-based products

Cost savings with sustainability

Sustainable practices like reducing waste, water, and energy consumption can save money and lower production costs


  • Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

  • Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

  • IBM Envizi

  • Benchmark ESG

  • Watchwire

  • Water sense 

  • Niras SDG

User Interviews

We conducted multiple interviews with a plant manager and the director of environmental stewardship, which gave valuable insights into the sustainability monitoring workflow from a focused viewpoint. Visiting Citizens Energy Group's water treatment plant further deepened my understanding of sensor usage.

Research Goals
  • Understand the current sustainability practices and goals

  • Identify the use of E+H sensors in sustainability monitoring

  • Determine pain points and workflow gaps in the current process


We utilized various methods to synthesize and analyze the data including Affinity Mapping, Persona Building, Empathy Mapping, and Value Proposition Composition 

Current process: requires 80+ hours

EcoWatch - Current Process.png

Key Insights

Manual data processing takes 80+ hours

The complete movement of data from collection to analysis to sharing is manual and time-consuming, taking around 80 hours for one report cycle

Historical data needed to create goals

Historical data is crucial before setting sustainability goals, but it can be challenging to access and compile the necessary information.

External factors impact overall output

External factors like weather conditions can fluctuate the overall output, making it difficult to maintain a consistent and reliable report

Report revisions require a complete rebuild

An update or revision in the report requires the same workload as building it from scratch, leading to additional time and resources spent

Varying report review frequency

Review frequency varies from company to company, leading to inconsistency & lack of standardization

Primary Customers: Data Analysts and Sustainability Executives

  • Gather, organize, and analyze data

  • Identify patterns and derive actionable insights from data

  • Generate sustainability reports for the organization

  • Keep executives updated about sustainability progress and trends 

  • Finds manual data collection time-consuming.

  • Unstructured, scattered data complicates analysis

  • Data is often underutilized due to lack of integration

Matthew Miller

Data Analyst


Sarah Jones

Sustainability Executive

  • Gain deep insights into the company's operations, recognizing the connection between sustainability and business success

  • Develop impactful sustainability strategies that align with her company's goals

  • Keep a vigilant eye on sustainability progress

  • Dealing with outdated systems and infrastructure hinders her ability to streamline sustainability efforts

  • Faces difficulties when delegating responsibilities potentially slowing down progress


During ideation, our team faced time constraints and scheduling conflicts that hindered effective collaboration. To address this challenge, I proposed a solution: individual concept development based on a list of features.


Using these highlighted features, I crafted the 'Memory Palace' concept, which emerged as the most promising idea and got stakeholder approval for further exploration.

List of features to resolve associated pain points.

How I conceptualized my idea, featuring a memory palace?

I was inspired to conceptualize this idea during a conversation with a participant who expressed a desire to observe past events.

Building upon Sherlock Holmes' Mind Palace, I conceived a system for annotating and discussing data across the dashboard, saving them as memories in a central repository - "Memory Palace"

Memory Palace - Ideation.png

How would Netilion EcoWatch work?

EcoWatch - How it works_.png


I used Figma to create the hi-fidility prototype, while leveraging the newly introduced variables to create dark and light themes.

Visual Identity

Design Language.png

Let's take a look at Netilion EcoWatch


Throughout my 10-week involvement, I learned the importance of working together and adapting our approach as needed. Switching between different roles allowed me to gain a well-rounded understanding of the project and its goals.

User Empathy through Personas

This project transformed my perspective on personas. They went from being a classroom activity to a valuable tool for gaining a comprehensive understanding of our users.

Figma Upskilling

My proficiency in Figma grew as I learned to create components and utilize variables. This enhanced my design workflow, ensuring consistency throughout the project.

Business Tools for Decision-making

I gained proficiency in using essential business tools such as the Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Profile, and Business Model Canvas. These frameworks enabled me to evaluate research data and identify features that would bring value to our customers and stakeholders.

A big shoutout to...

  • Ann Mclver and Justin Redman from Citizens Energy for interviewing and sharing their experiences. ​John Duffy and Kelli Prader from the City of Carmel Utilities for evaluating our solution. Their insights and expertise were crucial to our success.

  • Our E+H sponsor, Matt Walsh, for his instrumental role in our project. From helping us find the right participants to offering invaluable feedback throughout the design process, his constant support has been invaluable.

  • The amazing Prof. Lou Lenzi, our guide, mentor, and biggest cheerleader, the driving force behind everything. I can confidently say that I am not the same person I was before attending his class. It has been an immense privilege to learn from one of the finest industrial designers to exist. 

Appreciation post by Endress+Hauser
Field Visit to Citizen's Energy!
Team Picture with E+H Sponser Matt Walsh
Team visiting Citizen's Energy
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