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Why start with a sketch?

Have you ever seen 5-year-olds with a marker, scribbling their soul out like they are the modern world’s, Da Vinci and Vermeer?

If you’ve ever got a chance to be around a kid composing his imagination on a piece of paper, it shouldn’t be hard for you to visualize the innocent look on their face when they showed you a small hut in a valley surrounded by trees and mountains.


In their artistic pursuit filled with imagination, do they think how good their drawing is? The answer is NO!


Why water can cut a rock? — A Redesign Tale

I joined GreyB Research in 2018 as a Software Developer. My role was different from other developers, as my responsibilities were inclined towards the development of UI and UX aspects. This story is from my initials days at GreyB when I was new to the organization and IP industry.

From pasta to paradox of choice

A couple of days back I went out with a friend and we thought about ordering pasta. Being an all-time pizza lover, I know just a little about pasta.

The wide variety of pasta for someone like me who knew only two categories of pasta, White Sauce — the creamy one and Red Sauce — the spicy one, was too overwhelming.


The Road Not Taken — Help users to take the right path

Remember Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” from high school? “The Road Not Taken” begins with a dilemma, a dilemma to make a choice, to choose which path to follow.

Robert wrote this poem as a joke for his friend who was with him on the trail and they ended up choosing the wrong road. This poem hit a lot of people deep because of the hard truth it carries for the choices we are obliged to make throughout our lives.

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